How to Improve your Quality of Life

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Write down seven words which sum up honestly how your life feels at the moment, the quality which your life expresses.

Take your time, choosing carefully those words that truly express your life. Cross out, add others until you are satisfied with your list.

For example: Joyful, learning, laughing, understanding, dreaming, inspiring, releasing, deciding, changing, opening, loving, sensual, dramatic, scintillating, creative, expressive, exploring, learning, building, limiting, intense, comfortable, dull, stuck, dreary, routine, aimless, repetitive, chaotic, sad, lonely, resentful, anxious, guilt-ridden, cluttered, exhausting, hopeless, helpless, frustrating, rootless, disastrous, fearful, uneasy, drifting, argumentative, serious, ambitious, succeeding, opening, touching, listening , intimate, spiritual, peaceful, transforming, aware, stimulating, exciting, challenging, blossoming …

Looking at your list, consider whether your life is just as you want it to be. Do you want it to be the same in six months’ time, or different? Or even next week – but do you love it as it is right now?

For example:

List 1 – Routine, Lonely, Limited, Rigid, Serious, Trapped, Sad…

Could there be room for improvement?

Make a second list of words in which you transform any words which feel negative, or mildly positive, into what you really want. (The new list might include some of the original words.)

List 2 – Spontaneous, Intimate, Expanding, Flowing, Light-hearted, Carefree, Joyful…

Take time to look carefully at your second list, and repeat the words to yourself several times – out loud if possible. Try to absorb the different “energies” of the words.

How might your life be different if you expressed these seven qualities?

Until next time, Steve Clifford, Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist

Ref: Clifford.S adapted from Edwards, G. (2010) Living Magically; A New Vision of Reality. Piatkus

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