Colour and Mood – Beat #Depression


Tip 33 – Extract from “50 Tips to Beat Depression” available on Amazon

Throughout the centuries the effects of colour on our moods and behaviour have been well documented.  As human beings we are conditioned to respond to certain colours.  The same is true of animals such as dogs, cats, fish, birds and insects.  We all know how a bull responds to a red rag!  As colour can have such an influence on our mood, it is worth giving this serious consideration when depressed.  For example, the environment is enhanced by certain colours and shades; some colours are warm whilst others are cool and calming; others offer a more neutral stance.  The same is true of the colours we select for our clothes. Below is a list of some of the effects of different colours.

Red is associated with stimulation, energy and power.  It can stimulate and warm.  Whilst some might like to feel held and secure, for some people, however, it can make them feel enclosed or hemmed in, similar to being surrounded by a womb, as it is a colour that appears to reduce space.

Orange is another stimulating colour and may be associated with creativity and sexuality.

Blue is a cool and calming colour and may be good with anxiety, as it can help to lower tension.  Blue is symbolic of the spoken word and communication.

Green is the colour to choose to restore balance and harmony.  It is representative of growth and well-being.

Yellow is a vibrant colour for those affected by darkness, as in the case of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).   It assists clarity of thought, confidence and enthusiasm.  It is also associated with physical aspects of the self and self-esteem.

Purple and violet are colours which help to promote mental and emotional harmony and can help restore mental balance and stability.  Purple has long been associated with the higher mind and spirituality and can bring peace of mind.

Turquoise is good for recharging; it is calming yet has the ability to lift lethargy and boost energy levels.

Pink is a calming colour and an antidote to anger.  It is associated with the feminine side of our psyche and promotes serenity.

Brown and greys: brown is an earth colour and represents order, security and stability.

Until next time.

With best wishes, Steve.

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