Time to welcome in the Spring


This is probably my favourite time of the year. Lengthening days and the promise of things to come. April is a wonderful time of renewal. Sunshine and showers feed the earth, and all around the plant world is coming to life. Humans too can take their cue from nature and begin to take on new projects, looking ahead to the summer.

As you go about your day to day activities take time look at all the buds emerging and tiny leaves beginning to unfurl. Almost minute by minute it would seem that nature is bringing about incredible changes. Now is a really good time for each of us to think about changes. Spring really is a good time to bring about some positive lifestyle tweaks.

Here are a few tips that I will be endeavouring to bring into my life and which you too you might find helpful.

Strive to create a more balanced life. Stop being a slave to work, whether that be in the office or at home. Instead look to relaxation and rejuvination as primary goals to bild into life, not luxury “add ons.”

Get out for more walks. There is nothing better than a daily dose of fresh air to awaken the senses.  Take some time to enjoy a walk in the woods or by a tranquil stream, the peace allows us to re-charge and let go of stress.

Take time to nurture your friendships. Just like plants, our friends need a little TLC if they are to develop into lasting relationships and not wither away. As humans we are a social species and we need companionship and to feel valued and to value others. People who do not have friends often experience loneliness and isolation, a pre-cursor to low mood, sadness and depression.

Everyday tell at least one person something you like and appreciate about them. As I mentioned, above we all need to feel valued and appreciated. The opposite is to feel “taken for granted,” a not very nice feeling.

Try to reduce you “to do” list and cut yourself some slack. Space things out and slow. As the old saying goes, “take time to smell the flowers.”

Here’s one of my “notes to self,” Aim to get a little healthier and Cut out the “CRAP” – Reduce your consumption of Caffeine, Refined sugars, Alcohol and Processed food.

Behave towards yourself as you would a friend you care about. Listen to your inner comassionate voice and not your inner critic.

Choose being kind over being right. Stop bying into all that is negative in the world and all the badness. Make it your mission to look around at all that is good and right in the world. Look for the simple acts of human kindness and see if you can contribute in your own little way towards the greater good.

Finally, take time for fun and be fun, learn to laugh at yourself and see the funny side of things. Try to take life less seriously, have a laugh and smile more, after all, its proven to make you happier.

Until next time, take care.




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